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Railway Certified DIP Package DC-DC Converter 3W

MINMAX Railway DC-DC Converter family offer industrial standard DIP packag with output power 3 Watt which are designed to meet stringent requirements and harsh environment. DIP package DC-DC converters are available for railway input voltage with 24V, 48V, 110V VDC and tight regulation for 5V, 12V, 15V, ±15V, ±24V VDC output voltage. In accordance with EN50155 approval, railway DC-DC Converters conform to:(1) railway input voltage range and transient requirement. (2) vibration and thermal shock test meets EN61373. (3) cooling, dry and damp heat test meets IEC/EN 60068-2 (4) railway EMC standard EN50121-3-2 and complies also with railway approval EN50155 (IEC60571). Advanced circuit topology provides a very high efficiency up to 85%, allowing baseplate temperature up to 105℃ and very high I/O isolation up to 3000VAC with reinforced insulation. Further features include overload & short circuit protection and complies specifically fire protection test meets EN45545-2 to ensure safety during railway/railroad vehicle operation. MINMAX Railway DC-DC converters are high reliable solutions for critical railway applications in traction inverter, backup power system, train operation monitor, gate controller and many railway systems.

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Product Series Output
Input Voltage Range (VDC) Output Voltage (VDC) Output
I/O Isolation Package Style Safety
MIZI033W9-36, 18-75, 40-1605, 12, 15, ±12, ±153000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24

Regulation Status: Regulated ●  Unregulated -

Safety Status: Approved ●  Pending ▲

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