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DIP Package - MIZI03 Series

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  • Industrial Standard DIP-24 Package
  • Ultra-wide Input Ranges 9-36VDC, 18-75VDC, 40-160VDC
  • I/O Isolation 3000VAC with Reinforced Insulation
  • Operating Ambient Temp. Range -40℃ to +92℃
  • No Min. Load Requirement
  • Under-Voltage, Overload and Short Circuit Protection
  • EMI Emission EN 55032/11 Class A & FCC Level A Approved
  • Vibration and Shock/Bump Test EN 61373 Approved
  • Cooling, Dry & Damp Heat Test IEC/EN 60068-2-1, 2, 30 Approved
  • Railway EMC Standard EN 50121-3-2 Approved
  • Railway Certified EN 50155 (IEC60571) Approved
  • Fire Protection Test EN 45545-2 Approved
  • UL/cUL/IEC/EN 62368(60950-1) Safety Approval & CE Marking
Specifications Document Download
Output Voltage Accuracy ±1.0% max.
Line Regulation ±0.5% max.
Load Regulation ±1.0% max.
Ripple & Noise (20MHz) 5V 50mVp-p typ.
Others 75mVp-p typ.
Efficiency Up to 85%
I/O Isolation Voltage 3000VAC min. (Reinforced Insulation)
I/O Isolation Capacitance 1500pF typ.
Operating Ambient Temp. Range -40℃ to +92℃ (See Derating Curve)
Short Circuit Protection Continuous (Auto. Recovery)
Case Material Plastic (UL94V-0 rated)
Safety Approval & Railway Approval UL/cUL/IEC/EN 62368-1(60950-1), CB-Report, EN50155 (IEC60571), CE Marking
Railway Approval



Technical Application Note



Model Number Output PowerInput Voltage Range (VDC)Output Voltage (VDC)Output Current (mA)Efficiency (typ.)Isolation VoltagePackage
MIZI03-24S053W9-36560080%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-24S123W9-361225084%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-24S153W9-361520085%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-24D123W9-36±12±12583%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-24D153W9-36±15±10084%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-48S053W18-75560080%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-48S123W18-751225083%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-48S153W18-751520084%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-48D123W18-75±12±12583%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-48D153W18-75±15±10083%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-110S053W40-160560080%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-110S123W40-1601225084%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-110S153W40-1601520084%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-110D123W40-160±12±12583%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24
MIZI03-110D153W40-160±15±10085%3000VAC ReinforcedDIP-24

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MDWI10 SERIES MINMAX is proud to announce the new MDWI10 series of 10W Isolated/Regulated DC-DC Converters with ultra-wide input ranges in the compact 16 pin DIP package measuring only 0.94×0.54×0.31”, offering a very high power density up to 63.5W/in3. This level of integration offers system designers the opportunity to reduce overall PCB layout area or add more features into existing PCB profiles. The MDWI10 family of DC-DC converters consists of 16 models offering 9-36 or 18-75 VDC input ranges with single output models ranging 3.3–24 VDC and dual output models ±12V or ±15V delivering 10 Watts of output power. All models feature: I/O Isolation of 1500VDC; high average efficiency up to 88%; operating ambient temperature range of -40°C to +88°C ; faster start-up; fully regulated outputs with high precision; no minimum load requirement; very low no-load power consumption; shielded metal package; built-in EMI filter that meets EN55032 Class A without additional filtering required; and under-voltage/overload/short-circuit protection. All models have been qualified per the CB scheme with safety approvals to UL/cUL/IEC/EN 62368-1(60950-1)standards. All MINMAX products are Reach Compliant, RoHS Compliant, Hazardous Substance Process Management (IECQ QC 080000) and conflict Mineral free backed by a 3 Year Warranty. Documentation including datasheets, safety reports, compliance statements and 3D models are available from our website. Models are in stock and available for immediate evaluation. See more detail about MDWI10 Series ►